NetApp and VMware on joint engineering, marketing and support

Network Appliance, a provider of storage and data management solutions, announced that it has collaborated with VMware, the provider of software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, on joint engineering, marketing, service, and support.

As per the press release, this relationship covers many of the best practices in engineering, marketing, customer education and advocacy, service, and support that the two companies have developed over the last few years in real-world deployments at more than 3,000 customer sites.

The relationship is designed to enable the two companies to work on joint engineering solutions for advanced application mobility, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery.

Both companies are now working together to create an enterprise-class support agreement that streamlines case handling, modeling it after successful programs NetApp has in place with its other Global Technology Partners, including SAP, Oracle, Symantec, and Microsoft. Besides this, the companies are also defining joint best-practice blueprints designed to enable NetApp to work with VMware professional services and partners to deploy optimized server-to-storage virtualized environments.

"In recent years, just about every enterprise data center has begun some form of consolidation and virtualization effort with a goal of increasing asset utilization and reducing management and infrastructure costs and making the infrastructure more responsive to the needs of the business," said Tom Georgens, Executive VP and GM, Enterprise Storage and Product Operations, Network Appliance. He added, "The VMware infrastructure combined with NetApp storage virtualization solutions allows customers to experience increased resource optimization in a virtualized environment. Not only can customers increase the utilization of their individual server and storage resources, but they can increase the utilization of their complete infrastructure, including power, cooling, space, and people, while enjoying the robust and simple-to-use data management and protection capabilities that NetApp offers. These capabilities are available now in our joint sales projects and our future work will make the combined solutions even better."

NetApp has been providing advanced storage solutions for VMware deployments since 2001.


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