NetApp enterprise storage supports Riverbed WDS

Riverbed Technology announced a cooperative support agreement with Network Appliance, to help customers protect their distributed data. The cooperative processes for Riverbed's wide-area data services (WDS) solutions with NetApp’s unified storage systems, NearStore near-line storage systems, and V-Series virtualization systems help in facilitating enterprise customers to address customer challenges with replication, backup, and consolidation of distributed data.

Customers can reduce the amount of data that is replicated from a corporate data center to a remote disaster recovery site with a NetApp and Riverbed solution. It is also believed to significantly improve recovery point objectives of a disaster recovery solution and minimizing data loss in case of disaster.

"This cooperative support agreement means that enterprise customers will benefit from enhanced protection of their distributed data," said Patrick Rogers, Vice President of Product and Alliances at Network Appliance. He further added, "The combination of Riverbed's WDS solutions and NetApp enterprise-ready storage and data protection solutions help customers to improve remote replication and disaster recovery processes."

Similarly Eric Wolford, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Riverbed said, "The ability to replicate distributed data to a secure data center is a requirement for enterprises that have consolidated or plan to consolidate IT infrastructure. The interoperability of Riverbed's WDS solutions and NetApp enterprise-ready storage and data protection solutions, combined with world-class support, will better equip enterprises with business continuity by speeding the replication and improving the management of distributed data."

Riverbed's WDS solutions enable organizations with more than one office to overcome a host of severe problems, including poor application performance and insufficient bandwidth at remote sites. By speeding the performance of applications between distributed sites, Riverbed's Steelhead WDS appliances enable companies to consolidate IT, improve backup and replication processes to provide data integrity, and improve staff productivity and collaboration.

Steelhead appliances have been deployed in organizations ranging from the world's largest corporations with offices around the globe to small companies with a couple of sites that are just a few miles apart.

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