NetApp ushers in new enhancements to data center transformation

NetApp announced new products and capabilities as part of its NetApp Manageability Software Family to enable customers to transform their data center architectures. 

This announcement is driven by NetApp storage innovations for virtualized servers that will help customers improve their IT infrastructure and processes.  

Enterprise customers are undergoing significant data center transformations to enhance IT flexibility and efficiency as server virtualization moves into broader deployment. To enable this transformation, NetApp is providing customers a proven storage platform for virtualized environments to achieve increased service levels, higher asset utilization, and greater data center power, space, and cooling efficiencies. 

"NetApp will be a major catalyst in enabling customers to capitalize on the next generation of data center infrastructure, which will help them adapt to change, automate labour intensive IT management tasks to reduce costs and scale the infrastructure - non-disruptively - as the business needs evolve" said Soumitra Agarwal, Marketing Director, NetApp India. He added, "Today we have established a lead in delivering virtualization solutions and services that help customers transform their current IT architectures and amplify the impact that IT operations have on their business. The combination of server virtualization technologies from VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and Citrix with NetApp's networked storage solutions is dramatically improving data management and providing customers a path to create a flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure" 

This news further strengthens NetApp's unified data management platform with the following new innovative software solutions to drive customers' data center transformation: 

* SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure-SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure enables customers to protect their VMware environments with automated data protection and recovery of their virtual machines.

SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure dramatically reduces human error and increases server utilization for application workloads by eliminating the interruptions and performance impact caused by traditional server-hosted backups and restores. As a result, customers can protect their data more reliably. 

* SnapManager Compatibility with VMware Virtualization Software-All

Windows-based SnapManager products are now compatible with VMware virtualization software, providing customers the ability to manage data within virtual machines and take full advantage of the application-specific data management capabilities provided by NetApp's SnapManager products. Versions are available for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Oracle. By extending SnapManager capabilities to virtual infrastructures, customers now have common data management tools for both their virtualized and physical server environments. These innovative products will also help accelerate deployment of existing Windows applications into new virtual server environments. 

* Provisioning Manager-Provisioning Manager provides policy-based automation to speed up existing provisioning processes, improve capacity utilization, and reduce human error that results in data loss. As a result, storage administrators can eliminate the complex series of manual steps normally associated with provisioning storage in both virtual and physical server environments. This simplifies training for IT staff and liberates these valuable personnel to work on more strategic IT priorities. 

Significant enhancements to NetApp's Protection Manager provide protection of virtualized environments. In addition, updates to NetApp's Data ONTAPR operating system extend deduplication benefits to customers with NetApp V-Series and MultiStoreR systems. Furthermore, Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent, which conforms to the SNIA Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S), is now available to support the entire line of NetApp FAS systems and NetApp V-Series virtualized storage systems. These enhancements extend customers' ability to meet increasingly diverse storage and data management requirements with a single, familiar, easy-to-use data management platform.

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