Netgear announces ReadyNAS NV

Netgear Technologies announced the availability of ReadyNAS NV product family for the Indian market. This product is designed for storing and serving all digital data for home offices, small businesses and workgroups.

The ReadyNAS NV claims to support features such as Gigabit Ethernet speeds, system monitoring capabilities and built-in backup with hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).

The product includes features like ReadyNAS NV RND4425, a 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (4X250GB) with 4 Hot Swappable 250GB HDD in a small 8 inch high desktop design, ReadyNAS NV RND4250 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (2X500GB) with 4 Hot Swappable HDD in a small 8 inch high desktop design (2 500GB HDD included, 2 open slots for future expansion) and ReadyNAS NV RND4450 2TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (4X500GB) with 4 Hot Swappable 500GB HDD in a 8 inch high desktop design.

Atul Jain, Country Manager, Netgear Technologies, said, "With the evolution of technology at Netgear, we are now in a position to serve the needs of SOHOs and SMBs more effectively, and our growing ReadyNAS customer base attests to that. This particular product line is a robust storage solution, which is rich in features, easy to use, well built and compact, and class-leading in terms of performance."

ReadyNAS'S patent pending X-RAIDT technology claims to provide full data access and redundancy with protection even during hot swap of disks and against hardware failure, ensuring the access and safety of valuable pictures, digital media and sensitive business files.

The ReadyNAS NV is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Available with two national distributors - Rashi Peripherals and Cyberstar Infocom, the pricing of the products vary from Rs. 75, 000 to Rs. 2, 25, 000 for various models available for Desktop and Rackmount format.

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