New Level Of Flexibility To GPS Devices

NXP Software has announced the availability of its swGPS Personal GPS Baseband technology.  Demand for personal and in-car navigation systems has grown enormously in recent years. By performing the necessary GPS signal processing entirely in software, NXP Software's swGPS Personal offers manufacturers of handheld devices a breakthrough in GPS position calculation performance.

It eliminates the need for dedicated processors, thereby reducing size and cost. And as a software solution, it gives product designers flexibility to quickly optimise performance for new applications, such as pedestrian navigation.

Based on more than 10 years' research and development, swGPS Personal is proven to deliver excellent product performance, enabling responsive, accurate and reliable location-finding and tracking in rural, suburban or even difficult urban environments.

It builds on NXP Software's successful swGPS Spot product for PC laptops and runs on standard microprocessor platforms used in personal navigation devices, including both ARM and XScale technologies.

"We are proud of this achievement"  says Hans Streng, NXP vice president.  "Our swGPS Spot product performs exceedingly well on PC's, and we have now painstakingly refined the software to achieve similar performance on the more constrained computer platforms in today's' handheld devices. This work has culminated in a more accurate and responsive navigation experience compared to other solutions on the market". With the set of end-user GPS applications constantly expanding, the need to support different modes of operation is becoming increasingly important. Thus swGPS Personal also supports autonomous and assisted (A-GPS) operating modes. Moreover, the software approach allows manufacturers to offer a full range of GPS features tailored to different consumer market segments and applications, simply and efficiently, with no changes to hardware design.

Reference designs with integrated RF receivers are available for a wide range of hardware and software platforms. These enable manufacturers to further reduce time-to-market and integration costs, while maintaining flexibility in system component choice.

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