Newgen Software Automates Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Newgen Software Technologies, in the  field of business process management, document management and imaging, has implemented its cheque truncation system (CTS) solution for the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Newgen will also deploy its Business Process Management (BPM) solution to automate processes at the bank.

Diwakar Nigam, managing director, Newgen Software Technologies said, “The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is one of the most modern, dynamic and customer-focused  banks in the UAE. Not only will our BPM solution help the bank in shortening their clearing cycles but will also provide a centralised image archival system for efficiency in operations. Our BPM solution is geared to electronically streamline the bank’s business processes to maintain information integrity.’’

Commenting on the Newgen solution, an Abu Dhabi Spokesperson said, “As demonstrated by the team during the product presentation, we found the in-built BPM platform very useful to align our business processes. It would provide us the flexibility to amend our business processes.’’

Newgen’s  Cheque  Truncation System (CTS), based on Newgen BPM platform, is an  image-based  cheque clearing system, which replaces the physical cheque flow with electronic information flow throughout the clearing cycle.

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