Plans to achieve Rs. 200 crores turnover next year

Cyberstar has been basking in glory with recent awards and accolades from the vendors. Besides this, the distributor has also showing proactive initiatives to bring newer brands to India. Raj Rathi, MD, Cyberstar, speaks to Marketflash about its various plans to accelerate the business plans.

With new awards and accolades from the leading vendors recently, how do you plan to live up to the increased expectation?

The awards and accolades from the vendors are a certification for our good work and definitely motivate us to do better our performance. Cyberstar team comprises of dedicated executives, who are also well trained and we plan to continue to give our best in the future days to come. We have set up a very aggressive pace for the years to come by taking up distributorship of more leading manufacturers in IT networking segment and are planning for bigger turnovers. As a result of this plan, by next year, we hope to achieve the target of around 200 crores.

With a huge competition in IT distribution segment, what are your plans to accelerate your further penetration and earning of more goodwill?

The company aims to add new partners as well. At present we have a base of 3, 400 channel partners and we are targeting a growth of around 70%. Increasing channel base is an ongoing process at Cyberstar and if we will add more brands then definitely we will add more partners. We provide our partners with best quality products, technical support, marketing and training programs, and post-sales service as well.

What are the challenges, which you think exist in Indian market? How do you plan to combat the same?

The major challenge that exists in the Indian market is that the Vendors have a direct strong effect on the market. They do not depend on channel partners. Channel does not come to the picture and that is the biggest challenges that exist in Indian market.

In order to combat the challenge, we have been offering vendor schemes to the reseller community. We are constantly reinventing various partner programs along with channel training programmes.We are also targeting the right media for the right channel partners. We have also taken e-initiatives for Creative Products.

Cyberstar is also acting as a value added sales force, leveraging its well-qualified team, technical capabilities, logistic services and customer relationships to distribute their products in the most cost effective manner.

In your opinion, what is the most essential factor for a distributor to bind its channels in a long term basis?

As a distributor, we feel that the most essential factor in order to bind its channels in a long term basis is to keep them focussed and motivated.

Please refer to some of the milestone for Cyberstar which has added up to the reputation and profit of the Company.

We were recently conferred with the 'Champion Server Partner, Asia Pacific' Award for Best Performance in the SCSI business by Hitachi at its Champion Server Partner Awards ceremony. We feel honored that out of 26 distributors we were conferred with this prestigious award. This award validates the sustained value addition that we provide to our esteemed partners for mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We will continue to promote Hitachi in India, and its subcontinents and drive more growth.

We have also been conferred with Best Revenue Growth Award 2007 from Creative at the Creative Distributor Summit. The award has been conferred to us for contributing to the highest growth in sales of Creative products. The Cyberstar family feels honored and is delighted to have received this prestigious award from Creative. The award brings recognition to Cyberstar thereby encouraging us to achieve more success in our future ventures.

In a recent press release, you mentioned that you would be launching channel initiatives and schemes to promote Adaptec Unified Serial Controllers. Kindly tell us something about that.

We have recently announced the availability of new range of Unified Serial RAID Controllers from Adaptec, the global leader of trusted storage solutions, that offer the broadest choice in performance, data protection, and cost for next generation PCIe (PCI Express) connectivity.

As a part of its extensive market outreach program, Cyberstar will conduct focused dealer and end customer training programs on advantages of implementing Unified Serial RAID controllers into their storage architectures. Special pricing schemes and dealer promotions have also been drawn as a part of this aggressive program.

Unified Serial RAID controllers enable interconnect between SATA and SAS drives on single storage architecture, delivering exceptional value and performance to consumers. We are very bullish about the prospects of this product line in India.

What would be your areas of concentration (both geographically and vertically) for Cyberstar in next one year?

We would like to penetrate in smaller cities and are planning to have a total of 30 branches in next one year. Smaller cities would be the focus.

Kindly tell us something about your service center models. How are you planning to enhance such model?

Cyberstar is well equipped and serves as a service center itself. We have well trained and professionally managed team. At the same time, Cyberstar provides training to all its distributors.

What message would you like to convey to your channel partners and customers through Marketflash?

“We would like to thank our partners for all their support and we are looking forward to work together in future in order to create mutual profit and sustain the success we have achieved.”


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