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Asia Powercom, a joint venture with Powercom Company, Taiwan, commenced its operations in India, with a goal to provide quality power solutions to the Indian masses. The company, headquartered in Mumbai, markets and services UPS systems for a wide range of applications. The firm is poised to present new product models with better performance, meeting worldwide standards. Here, Tejas Sheth, director, AsiaPowercom speaks to Marketflash.

How long has Asia Powercom been in India?
Asia Powercom has been present in the country for the last three years and in this short span of time has established itself as the fastest growing UPS brand in the country on account of the technological superiority, and value for money proposition that it provides the end customers.

What are the initiatives for channel partners?
We have an extensive network of regional distributors.  We are constanly extending our channel increase to enhance our reach and penetration further. We will continue with the model of regional distributors as we feel that a product like UPS needs more mindshare and hence a special kind of treatment. 

We partner with our channel partners in carrying our promotions.  We will continue our promotional efforts on each of our product lines tailored to suit the segment.  In the case of other B2B products, there shall be adequate support to the channel and targeted end user messages for raising the effectiveness of marketing.

Currently we are running a scheme called PowerPlay that is some interesting schemes  or offer on a monthly basis.  We are also having a scheme where they travel to Pataya on achieving targets.

Some details about the roadmap ahead for the year?
The company had recently launched Rackmount range of products and emerged as a company with a full range service provider with respect to technology in the UPS segment.   Asia Powercom has Line Interactive range; Online UPS range, Notebook surge protectors and HOM UPS range of products, thus offering the customer a wide range of power solutions to choose from.   

What are the new products on offer for this summer? Any special initiatives for SOHO and SMB customers?
We will be launching IND 2200 AP and KAL 1000 AP, both in the line Interactive segment and targeted at SOHOs an SMBs.   Recently we also launched UPSMON – UPS Monitoring Software bundled along with the UPS as a part of value addition. 

For those seeking a superior protection to saving valuable documents and applications during power outage situation UPSMON plus is the iron clad program that can be trusted. With easy-to-use features. UPSMON plus provides excellent power management for any PC platforms including Novell NetWare and LINUX.  

UPSMON plus is an intelligent power monitoring software that detects the status of UPS through communication port.

How relevant are your product offerings in areas which witness a power shortage?
One can confidently say that the category has been well established, but now the challenge before the entire industry is to take the category forward.  The alternative applications for UPS and the need for power backup and quality in mission-critical operations are also going to be growth drivers.   As the networked economy grows in India, the dependence on reliable uptime solutions will grow correspondingly. Increasingly, SME segments are also becoming IT-savvy and network-dependent.

These trends are resulting in a higher dependence on UPS and power protection solutions. There is immense potential in the marketspace, hence catering to these businesses and being able to provide them with service will be a challenge. 


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