Rashi introduces Netgear EVA 8000

Rashi Peripherals, a national distributor of Netgear, launched its latest product in the Digital Entertainment category – Digital Entertainer HD EVA 8000. This new product streams movies, videos, music, Internet radio, and photos from a PC/Laptop and storage devices directly to the HDTV.  

The device automatically finds all the digital media files on the home network and organizes them into an accessible library. 

Introducing the new product Rohit Agarwal, Deputy General Manager, Rashi Peripherals, said, “We are thrilled to introduce this new product in the Indian market that is going to provide the much awaited HD video seamlessly and without the cluttering of wire effectively. With Indian buyers now looking in for a high quality product, this is definitely going to be an ideal choice for people looking in a for a complete entertainment solution”. 

EVA 8000 can stream HD videos, music, Internet video/radio and digital photos from PCs/laptops and storage devices to HDTV wirelessly. It can automatically find all the digital media files on a LAN/Wi-Fi network and organizes them into an easily on screen accessible library. For first time users it is easy to set up using an on screen TV wizard which will definitely prove fun. It also supports High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) for HD video resolution up to 1080 p making it a real High definition entertainment solution. 

Agarwal further added, “Customers have been looking for a device in market where they can play audio and video files from their PC or Laptop directly to home theatre or TV giving them real time experience without losing sound and video quality. This device can do much more than just streaming video and audio wirelessly. Now days customer visit many online entertainment site to view movies and listening songs or radio, one can hook in his internet connection directly to this device and plan all on line contents directly to home theatre or TV. This gives much more flexibility to user to enjoy and experience the quality of contents.”  

The EVA 8000 includes features such as:-

  • High Definition Video Support – The Digital Entertainer HD supports high definition playback of Windows Media Video 9 or MPEG-4 file formats at up to 1080p resolution on users HDTV.
  • Play Purchased Content – The Digital Entertainer HD supports Windows Media DRM (WMDRM10) to playback protected downloaded content from major online services. Requires Windows Media Connect (WMC) server software or Windows Media Player 11.
  • Multi-Room Playback Features – Using two or more Digital Entertainer HDs in different rooms, synchronize music throughout the house (Party Mode) or pause a video in a living room and resume it in another room (Follow Me).
  • Personal Video Recording (PVR) – With a TV tuner card installed in a PC, the Digital Entertainer HD can schedule recordings and pause and rewind live TV from a living room (TV Tuner card not included).
  • Instant Access to USB Devices – Plug any USB flash drive, digital camera, iPOD, or other USB storage device directly into the Digital Entertainer HD and instantly access stored digital media on a HDTV.
  • PC Desktop on TV – Use the remote control and TV to view and access a PC desktop and applications like email or web browser.

The product is available with Rashi and its 51 branches spread across India at a MRP of Rs. 29, 070. 

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