Rejection ratio for our products is almost zero


J.S Equipment, distributor and importer of US and Europe branded laptops and mobile accessories has been doing good business since last 19 years. Jyotin Shah, Proprietor, speaks to Marketflash about its various market strategies.

Tell us something about your product range and to which verticals they focus upon?

We have total eight brands, mainly from US and Europe. We deal with laptop and mobile accessories .Our products are very costly and are targeted to the upper class people. Today customers have been showing their interest in new and latest technology, so our products are the right choice for them.

Give us some idea about your distribution channel?

We have distributors in all over India. We distribute our products in more than 50 cities. We have more than 300 partners across the country today. However we are constantly to increase our distribution base and hence keep on looking for new channel partners.

What is your strategy for promotion of your products?

We promote our products mainly through advertising. As per the nature of our products, we are concentrated more on retail shops for promotion.

What type of products are you concentrating for promotion recently?

We are concentrating more on laptop accessories for promotion. Further we are planning to promote Apple iphone and ipode accessories.

How have you been encouraging your channel partners?

Our products are famous for its high quality and new technology. They are expensive and have brand name from US and Europe. The rejection percentage of the products is nearly zero. Channel partners can enjoy by giving customer high technology products. Further we have our own service centers, under the name ‘J.S Electronics’, for total laptop solution.

Which sectors and verticals would you be focusing upon in next year?

We will focus more on corporate and retail sector in next year .We are going to launch two new exclusive products line from US and Europe in next quarter.

What would be the names of two exclusive product ranges which you said you would be launching?

The IT has boosted the Indian market with the launch of ipode and iphone series. We are going to launch new brands accessories for Apple iphone and ipode series shortly. We will disclose the names as early as possible.

What message would you like to convey to your channel partners through Marketflash?

We have more than 2000 types of products .Our products have lots of new feature to attract those customers who are interested in latest trend and technology. We want our partners to sell new technology to such tech savvy customers.


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