Roamware Keeps Filipini Expats Close To Home

Global roaming and mobile connectivity expert  Roamware  has  launched its first International Voice Short  Message Service  (SMS)  in partnership with Smart Communications, the Philippines'  leading  wireless  services provider. The service will enable Filipinos  who  are  working away from their country to send low-cost voice SMS from their mobiles, dramatically cutting the cost of communicating with friends, family and business colleagues back in the Philippines.

"The  successful  installation  of  Roamware's International Voice SMS with Smart  is  our  first  implementation of its kind anywhere in the world and highlights  our  commitment  to  develop and roll out innovative technology that  helps  increase  average  revenue per user (ARPU) for operators while increasing  value  for  consumers," said Bobby Srinivasan, Roamware's CEO.  "Filipino  overseas workers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will  now be able to send and exchange voice messages with family back home who  are  on  the  Smart  network,  at  a  fraction of the cost of making a conventional mobile call."

"The   ability   to   send  and  receive  voice  SMS  across  international destinations  is  of  huge  interest  to  our mobile subscribers who are on holiday  or  living and working abroad as it represents the cheapest way to make  voice  communications  on  a  mobile,"  said  Danilo J Mojica, Smart division head. "Until recently, our mobile users used SMS as  the  primary  means  of  communication  over  the network because it is cheaper than voice or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)."

Smart  subscribers will be able to send a Voice SMS by calling a short code and  leaving  a  voice message and the recipient's international number. An SMS  notification  is  then sent to the recipient containing a number whichthe  recipient  calls  to  listen  to the message. The service is initially available to all Smart subscribers based in the Philippines with relatives, family and friends in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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