Robberies continue- now in Allahabad

The string of robbery cases across the country doesn’t seem to end. After the Ernakulam North robbery in South India, another incident happened at Allahabad based Libra Technocrop, where laptops worth Rs. 50, 000 were stolen.  

And about five to six complaint is still is pending in police register. 

As per the city dealers, this is not the only case in the city and there have been several similar cases earlier. In fact around six such complaints are lodged with the local police stations, which are yet unsolved.  

Unhappy Vivek Khurana, Proprietor, Libra Technocrop, said, “I am not able to understand what is happening in the city. I have also lodged a complaint to the police but there are several earlier cases still pending.”   

Some of the shops, which were robbed earlier, include Solution Infotech and Shaan Traders.  

With the growing rate of robbery across the country, the dealers will be now bound to concentrate upon the security of shops and should think of ways to support their shops with extra guards. However, along with these precautions, the police should also be more proactive in catching hold of the culprits.

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