SAP certifies Red Hat’s Netweaver platform

The open source solutions provider, Red Hat announced that SAP has certified its NetWeaver platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform. The certification includes the virtualization technology embedded in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for use with SAP applications.

“Customers can substantially reduce costs, time and effort with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform that would only otherwise be possible through the purchase, implementation and maintenance of software for virtualization, storage management and high availability," said Werner Knoblich, VP and GM, EMEA, Red Hat. He added, "At the end of the day, with Advanced Platform, customers can put their money back into their core business instead of investing heavily in costly infrastructure. This certification of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 by SAP, a Red Hat Premium Partner, underlines the close partnership of the two market leaders and brings additional innovation and investment security for enterprise customers."

As per Red Hat, SAP's certification helps ensure that all criteria necessary for full interoperability of Red Hat solutions with all modules of SAP NetWeaver are in compliance. All features included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform, representing the ideal foundation for enterprise-critical server applications, fulfilled SAP's certification criteria.


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