Serena Software announces Dimensions 10

Serena Software, the software company focused on application lifecycle management (ALM), announced the availability of its Dimensions 10 in India. As per the press release, this is the industry’s first end-to-end solution for application lifecycle management (ALM).


Dimensions 10 boast to unify the software change lifecycle with a single integrated process, to ensure that enterprise applications meet business requirements on time, cost-effectively, and with full auditability.


“The release of Serena Dimensions 10 is a watershed event for our customers and the ALM industry. It brings unprecedented integration, automation, visibility, and traceability to the development process and puts businesses in control of changes occurring throughout their enterprises,” said Keshav Prakash, Country Manager, India, Serena Software. He added, “Serena’s enterprise ALM solutions are the culmination of 25 years of experience meeting the needs of some of the world’s leading organizations.”


Dimensions 10 is designed to integrate multiple platforms, multiple roles, and global locations – and leverage the Eclipse Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) for customer investments in third-party tools. It lets users continuously manage and execute change requests and events through a shared, transparent, and comprehensive process framework.


Some of the utilities of this solution are as follows:


  • Single Integrated Process: Dimensions 10 integrates requirements, change, configuration, build, and deployment management through a single process model and unified data store to enable more efficient, cost-effective, and rapid development of applications with full traceability and auditability each step of the way.

  • Enterprise Scale: Dimensions 10 is the cross-platform solution to leverage existing investments in hardware platforms (distributed, mainframe, and Web) as well as operating systems, technologies, and databases that can scale globally to integrate multiple sites, multiple   project teams, and individual roles, supporting outsourced and offshore development initiatives.

  • Complete Lifecycle Visibility: Dimensions 10 features Serena Command Center, a role-based dashboard that lets customers analyze performance metrics for projects across each development stage, putting all business and IT leaders in a better position to deliver strategic business value.

  • Developer Usability: Dimensions 10 offers wide support for third-party tools, including modeling and testing tools, as well as native integration with popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, and native Windows Explorer integration.

  • Easy Installation and Administration: Dimensions 10 is available via a single CD for quick and easy installation of all components on a modular basis, simplifying large-scale deployment and speeding time to application value.

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