Siemens offers Silbag Smart baggage handling system

Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services is offering a modular, pre-installed baggage handling system that is especially suitable for use in airports with an annual volume of up to four million airline passengers. The scalability of this system enables it to keep pace easily with the continual growth of airports in Asia.

Fast baggage clearance is an important component of smooth operation at all airports. It is the smaller and mid-sized airports in particular that need to expand their baggage clearance capacities. But rather than major, long-term projects, they need short planning and implementation times. Their systems also have to be capable of running with little maintenance. The demand for automated solutions is increasing in comparison to that for purely manual baggage transport. The continually increasing passenger volume is being accompanied by higher demands being placed on security facilities and a more frequent use of integrated X-ray stations for scanning baggage.

The new Sibag Smart baggage handling system from Siemens has been specifically designed to meet these demands. It is characterized by the Modular structure of all its system components. Although based on standardized modules, it is designed in such a flexible way that it can cover all customer-specific requirements, and enables a solution to be planned quickly.

It is capable of comprehensive baggage handling: check-in area, conveyor belts, an integral baggage X-ray station, baggage make-up for loading – such as carousels or pier conveyors, and carousels for incoming baggage. Such a modular system can be fully installed in a few weeks – depending on its size. This modular concept also facilitates step-by-step expansion as passenger volumes increase – with no long project lead times. There is no need for the complex material flow control typical of large systems. This system is controlled by user-friendly, modular software that provides all the necessary functionalities.

The Sibag Smart can achieve throughput rates of up to 1,200 items of baggage per hour per installed line. The mechanics of the baggage handling system are based on a range of conveyor belts. Not only the check-in belts and connecting conveying systems but also the Siemens carousels include an exceptionally large number of identical parts. This therefore minimizes the spare part requirements.

This baggage handling system has a modern visualization system based on Siemens WinCC which facilitates user-friendly system operation. Statistical functions and diagnostic aids for preventive maintenance are also available as options. The electrical and control equipment is precisely coordinated, and consists exclusively of Siemens components. The blanket coverage of Siemens' service network ensures quick response times when maintenance is needed.


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