Sify Launches First-of-its-kind WiMAX Solution With Mobility Features

Sify Limited, well-known consumer internet and enterprise services firm, has launched  a first-of-its-kind WiMAX solution  with  mobility  features,  with the deployment of Proxim Wireless Corporation's advanced wireless product.

Sify  has chosen and deployed Proxim's Tsunami MP.11 WiMAX product line as the core communications platform for last mile access using the 5.8 GHz  frequency band. Sify has deployed over 700 Tsunami MP.11 base stations and  3,500  subscriber  units  to  provide internet access, voice and video broadband  services to enterprise, residential and cybercafé subscribers in over 200 cities throughout India.

Speaking  on  the  occasion,  Bhaskar S, Chief Technology Officer, Sify Limited,  said,  "WiMAX  is  the future of Wireless Internet Communications especially  in fast developing countries like India. With this launch,  Sify has  made  a  timely  and  strategic addition to its connectivity solutions portfolio.  We are confident that this offering will enhance our customers' experience  and  help  us  cater to their fast growing wireless information needs."

Commenting  on  Sify's  partnership  with  Proxim, Bhaskar said, "After testing  and  evaluating  products  from  a  number of manufacturers over a period  of eight months, we chose Proxim's product line because the company met  all  our criteria, and its point-to-multipoint products offer the best packet processing capacity for last mile access."

"Sify's   deployment  is  certainly  a  strong  endorsement  of  our  WiMAX technology   and   product  line,"  said  Lionel  Chmilewsky,  senior  vice president, Proxim Wireless.  "As India's premier provider of  broadband  access services, Sify is setting the standard for delivering the 'triple  play'  of  voice,  data and video to subscribers wherever they are located  throughout  the  country.''

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