Sify launches Roam Connect International in India

Sify Technologies announced today the launch of its Roam Connect International service in India. The Roam Connect International service, powered by leading enterprise mobility provider iPass, will enable Sify customers to access a global high-speed, reliable and secure wireless Broadband service when on the move.

With Roam Connect International, customers will now be able to access their data from more than 100,000 broadband locations globally, including key business-centric venues such as airports, hotels, conference centers and retail venues.

Commenting on the launch of this new breakthrough service, P.J. Nath, Executive President, Sify Technologies, said “Staying connected is a business imperative in today’s competitive business environment. With Roam Connect International, real time access to data has become possible for decision making on the go. We are confident that our new service offering will increase management efficiency and response to customers in real time even when users are traveling. iPass is a global leader in mobile connectivity for the enterprise and we are happy to partner with them to launch this service in India. With this launch, our Connectivity portfolio has been further enhanced to meet evolving needs.”

Speaking on the partnership, Chee Leng Loy, Managing Director Asia, iPass said, “India is an important market for iPass, and partnering with Sify was an obvious choice with its strong focus on the India enterprise space and its extensive sales network in the country. Working with Sify, we are confident that we will offer India’s largest enterprises a leading, secure and on-demand global connectivity solution.”

The iPassConnect™ mobility manager software is available for notebooks and handheld devices and simplifies user access, whilst unifying global connectivity and streamlining management and support for the end user and IT department.

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