Simmtronics announces Gold Hungama for partners

Simmtronics has announced special Channel Partner Program called Simmtronics Gold Hungama that offers its channel partners to collect SN points on every purchase of NVIDIA products. As per this scheme, the partners get a chance to get assured reward of 100gm of Gold.  

The scheme is applicable on all purchases by Simmtronics channel partners made from Nov 01 2007 to Feb 15 2008. 

Indrajit Sabharwal, MD, Simmtronics Semiconductors, said, “We are extremely excited to launch this incentive program for our channel partners. We are confident that this will enable us to ensure faster penetration of Simmtronics NVIDIA products while providing worthy rewards for the efforts made by our channel partners in pushing the products to the end consumers.” 

Program Details 


    Products   SN Points
    Entry Level 7200GS 10
    Mainstream 7300GT/8400GS/8500GT 25
    Performance 8600GT/8800GT 75
    MCP61 SIMM NV 6100 20
    MCP73 Simm NV 7100i / 7025 / 7050 50


SN Points Reward  
1000 2gm Gold
2500 5gm Gold
5000 10gm Gold
7500 15gm Gold
10000 25gm Gold
15000 35gm Gold
20000 50gm Gold
30000 100gm Gold

The terms and conditions to avail this offer are:

  • Only registered partners will be eligible for the scheme
  • Slab 8 will be highest slab. No reward beyond the same will be given irrespective of whatever points are collected
  • Invoices of Simmtronics Semiconductors will only be valid for the scheme payout
  • No encashment is possible under any circumstances
  • Billing to sister companies / relatives will not be permitted
  • Claims must have all the supporting invoices / proof of purchase and collated in Excel format
  • Any false claim/fabrication will disqualify the full claim
  • Claims must reach us within 15 days of scheme closing date
  • Decision of Simmtronics Semiconductors will be final

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