Sonicwall extends Box-to-Box backup for CDP

Sonicwall introduced to its Continuous Data Protection (CDP) series the capability of using single or multiple CDP appliances as an offsite data backup solution.  The new CDP Box-to-Box backup provides an easy, secure and confidential method of backing up and restoring data remotely without using third-party offsite facilities, giving users and managed service providers comprehensive control over their data backup and recovery solutions.
The new solution is an offsite backup and recovery solution operating in conjunction with local Sonicwall CDP devices. The Box-to-Box Backup solution automatically receives data from CDP appliances on a continual basis. All data is securely transmitted and encrypted with an AES 256-bit encryption key.  In the event of loss or failure of the local site CDP unit, IT Administrators can recover data from the remote device through a simple-to-use interface.
As per the press release, using Box-to-Box Backup, customers can set up a second CDP appliance at a remote location to backup the data stored on the first CDP appliance. The offsite CDP appliance can also be configured to backup multiple local CDP appliances and can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to Sonicwall's CDP Offsite Backup service.
"With Box-to-Box Backup, our partners are able to offer their customers a more rounded out backup and recovery solution for disaster readiness," said Matthew Bolton, Product Manager, Continuous Data Protection business unit, Sonicwall. He added, "We wanted to make our Continuous Data Protection solutions more appealing to prospective customers. Box-to-Box Backup does this by helping our partners reach the set of customers that want to manage their own backup and recovery solutions completely or allows our partners to manage their customers' offsite data backup themselves."
Sonicwall Box-to-Box Backup is available immediately. A separate license and current support contract are required in order to utilize Box-to-Box Backup.  This service runs on its CDP Version 3.0 firmware. Current users of CDP appliances will automatically have their appliances updated to Version 3.0.

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