Sybase iAnywhere acquires GUI provider Coboplan

Sybase iAnywhere today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Coboplan, a Japanese provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) software solutions. Coboplan provides context-aware mapping capability for applications ranging from sales force automation to road, city planning, and waterworks civil engineering projects in both local and national government institutions.

As per the press release, Sybase intends to integrate the technology into solutions which will allow it to further grow in the areas of corporate CRM systems, Sales Force automation and Field Force automation systems, embedded car telemetry and home embedded systems. 

"This acquisition positions Sybase with a powerful GIS offering that, when combined with our industry-leading mobile database, synchronization, RFID and natural language products, will enable the company to deliver new, integrated, context-aware, location-based solutions," said Terry Stepien, President, Sybase iAnywhere. He added, "Combining Sybase technology with Coboplan's mapping solutions marks another key milestone in the Unwired Enterprise strategy." 

Sybase iAnywhere and Coboplan have already worked together on numerous projects in which Sybase iAnywhere's "SQL Anywhere" has been incorporated into Coboplan's "Maplet" GIS software package. Additionally, Sybase iAnywhere is looking at opportunities to combine the company's natural language engine Answers Anywhere, contents push Web solution M-Business Anywhere, and RFID middleware software RFID Anywhere with Coboplan's GIS engine to develop new location-based service offerings. Subject to certain closing conditions, Sybase expects the transaction to close in mid-August.  

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