Tagan BZ to support NVIDIA's ESA

Nanopoint Technology, the manufacturer of high end power supply units, announced that its Tagan BZ series of high end power supply systems (PSUs) will support the NVIDIA Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA).   

Developed using Tagan technology and NVIDIA engineering, ESA monitors and controls system temperature, current and voltage regulation automatically. Additionally, this architecture monitors and auto adjust water cooling, chassis cooling, and most important of all, power regulation throughout the entire system. This allows system monitoring and manages all vital system components to achieve optimal over clocking, gaming, and peak performance.  

“Tagan is proud to announce the new ESA industry specification, which allows users to monitor and control system temperature, power current, and voltage. ESA will allow anyone to pinpoint the exact system issue when other components are functioning properly, affording them the capability for isolating and then enhancing the operating environment.” says Vincent Chen, CEO of Tagan Technology Co. 

Nanopoint Tagan BZ series high end power supplies (PSUs) are available across India through Tirupati Enterprises.

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