Tandberg launches Codian MSE 8321 gateway series

Tandberg launched its Codian MSE 8321 gateway, enabling organizations to hold up to 1,000 concurrent IP (Internet Protocol) and ISDN videoconferencing calls.  

The Codian MSE 8000 Series is a single-chassis solution that provides multiple and interchangeable functions, including gateway, multipoint conferencing, recording and supervisor blades.   

Today’s enhancements to the MSE 8000 allow it to support up to 72 ISDN primary rate interfaces in a single chassis. The series can now support: 

  • Up to 1,000 videoconferencing calls between ISDN and IP, or up to 180 videoconferencing calls in HD between ISDN and IP – a threefold increase in the number of video calls over the previous MSE 8000 Gateway capabilities
  • Eight PRI ports per blade – doubling the number of connections per blade
  • Support for nine ISDN blades – four more than the previous model

Future plans include upgrading multipoint to support HD.  This all-in-one solution will have the ability to connect 180 concurrent videoconferencing participants, through Universal Port technology, with individually optimized continuous presence full frame rate high-definition videoconferencing

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