Teradata announces enhancement to CRM

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation announced the enhancement of its Customer Management Solutions portfolio with a software module known as CRM Epiphany Inbound Marketing. This product is licensed from company’s new alliance partner Infor, providers of enterprise software.

The combined functionality of Teradata's Customer Management Solutions with the Infor module, rebranded as Teradata Interaction Advisor, provides combination of information from the Teradata Warehouse with real time interactions, enabling the business to engage the customer while "live" in session. The active enterprise intelligence capabilities provide immediate integration of detailed personal profiles and history, combining this with "live" data for the most relevant customer experiences based on a complete view of the relationship.

"Every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a new offer, improve retention, increase revenue, build loyalty, or strengthen the brand," said Gregg Monastiero, Senior VP, Strategic Solutions, Infor. He added, "We are excited about the future as a partner with Teradata, where together, we now provide an unsurpassed array of intelligence-driven CRM capabilities for today's power marketers."

This product is the cornerstone of a new Teradata offer called Next Best Activity, which allows marketers to easily define offers and eligibility criteria, and prioritize actions based on business value. "Our relationship with Infor creates a natural extension to Teradata's Customer Management Solutions portfolio," said Scott Gnau, Chief Development Officer, Teradata. He added, "It provides a combination of real-time, self-learning decisioning, with historical behavior and trending analytics - seamlessly integrated with feedback capture and managed within a single customer strategy framework to enhance our customers' ability to provide their customers with the best experience. The benefits are higher cross-sell results, greater loyalty and greater employee satisfaction because of increased significance, relevance and timeliness within the customer interaction."

As per the press release, the newer features in the solution include complex offer optimization; extended access to marketing automation; simplified data import capabilities; improved reusability of campaign components and expanded Web compatibility.

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