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With a new responsibility of Country Manager, Subrotah Biswas has certain plans for healthy business growth in India for Logitech. Speaking to Marketflash he outlines his future goals and preference. 

  1. As a country manager, what are the issues, which you have in priority list to resolve? What are your plans?

I have come into Logitech at a time when Logitech is evolving beyond its traditional IT peripherals domain and now has products in categories such as streaming music systems, universal remotes, portable music peripherals and so on. Logitech will continue to evolve into bringing products that will spot and pre-empt change in consumer lifestyles. 

My objective is to drive consumer acceptance for our new products and influence the change in consumer lifestyle. We have a lot of concept selling to do in the new product categories we have entered. While doing this, my goal is also to simultaneously maintain Logitech’s leadership position in IT peripherals.  

  1. With a huge competition in the gaming segment, what are your plans to accelerate further the awareness for your brand and capture great market share?

Competition in gaming is not an issue as the market size is very small as compared to what potential it can achieve. The focus for companies in gaming, including Logitech, is growing the market, which means primarily increase the number of gamers. 

On a marketing front, Logitech is investing on increasing the number of gamers -competitive and casual – in India. Logitech has sponsored the first large scale gaming expo- Logitech Skoar in Mumbai and Bangalore. 

We have a range of gaming specifics PC and console peripherals including keyboards, mice, gaming wheels, joysticks, gamepads, speakers, headsets and so on. The response to these products has been better than expected. We plan to introduce more and more innovative gaming peripherals to enhance the gaming experience of gamers. 

In a period of six months starting from November 2007, Logitech is participating in road shows, in mall promotions and the biggest expos with a special thrust on Gaming. This includes India Gaming Summit that we recently participated in. 

Logitech is participating in mall road shows covering 8 cities in North India, Bangalore, and Kolkata. It is a part of events like Compass and Infocomm in Kolkata, Infocomm in Hyderabad, Com-IT in Mumbai, AV Max Expos in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and so on, 

  1. What type of initiatives are you planning to implement for the Indian market?

We would continue to drive our aggressive channel programs to ensure healthy business growth for our loyal partners (through Logitech Registered Dealers – LORDs). At the same time, we are expanding our overall brand image from just an IT Peripherals brand to ‘Digital Convergence Brand’, which will ensure an enriching experience to our customers through a range of Digital Lifestyle Peripherals. So, India will witness consistent focus on Logitech’s emerging categories of Home Entertainment Solutions and Evolved Gaming Peripheral Products. This would involve “Experiential Marketing” initiatives across the country and Direct Marketing initiatives to reach out to the potential customer segments. 

  1. With the tie-up with Origin Marketing as a new distributor for you gaming product. How are you planning to boost up your relationship with them?

Tie-Up with Origin is focused at working closely with the Gamer community to identify their preferences and launch products to suite their requirements. Origin will ensure adequate penetration across markets and provide us with a platform to showcase the entire range of gaming products in key retail counters. We would continue to engage in innovative consumer marketing activities to leverage the increasing Gaming Concept in India. 

  1. As a country manager what challenges do you think exist in the Indian Market?

India is a great market to be in. India also ranks as one of the best performing markets for Logitech worldwide. Our opportunity in the IT space is limited by the PC/notebook adoption. We hope there is faster growth in this area. 

Many of our newer products require some amount of technology adoption in homes such as wi-fi. This is also a limiting factor. We will be keen on showing consumers how they can enhance their lifestyle with our products and will definitely invest slightly ahead of the curve.

  1. What would be your area of concentration for Logitech in next coming year?

Logitech has been continuously launching exciting line up of products for both PC peripherals and Laptop Peripherals. Further, riding on the stupendous growth and a healthy financial performance Logitech has forayed into the Home Entertainment Segment with a range of Consumer Electronics Products  - Harmony Universal Remotes, Streaming Media Solutions through products like Squeeze Box  (music streaming through WiFi) and Wireless DJ (Music Streaming through RF connectivity). This further accentuates Logitech's philosophy of bringing the state-of-the-art technology products that are focused on the new "Digital Homes" of India. Apart from Digital Lifestyles peripherals Logitech will also continue to concentrate on Gaming Peripherals in the coming year. 

  1. Are you planning to increase your distribution chain in India and are you coming with some new products in market?

Our IT distribution is well set and we are available pretty much everywhere in the country. We are developing our distribution or reach for our universal remotes and audio products through consumer electronic retail chains. 

We will continue to launch many products in the coming year. QuickCam Pro 9000 and QuickCam Pro for Notebooks, a range of gaming peripherals for consoles and PC, notebook bags, newer Alto notebook stands, Harmony universal remotes, Streaming music systems are some of the new products set to be launched in 2008. 

  1. What are you planning for the promotion of your product?

All our product promotions would revolve around ‘End User’ – Their awareness about our various product categories and providing them with an opportunity to experience these products. We plan to establish more and more platforms for our consumers to interact with our products and thus develop their preference towards the brand.  

Our consumer communication focus would be on technology adaptation through value-added peripherals, which aims at enhancing their overall product experience in IT, Gaming or Home Entertainment categories. 

  1. Do you have any program for your channel partners in this fresh year?

We will continue to work closely with our channel partners for a mutual beneficial relationship. By increasing our portfolio of products, we are creating more opportunities for our partners. We also get them involved in consumer support programs. Annually, we run the LORDs (Logitech Registered Dealers) channel programs to strengthen Partner Reward and Recognition initiatives. Like every year, we have channel schemes for every region depending upon the product focus and the need and requirement of the market. 

  1. What message would you like to convey to your channel partners and customers through Marketflash?

Logitech would like to thank its channel partners and end-users for their continuous endorsement of our products. We urge them to constantly provide us with their feedbacks, so that we can further strengthen our leadership position as a provider for “Digital Lifestyle Peripherals.” 

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