Transcend introduces digital photo frame,™ 710C

Transcend introduces an all-new transparent version of its successful first digital photo frame –™ 710C, ensuring its customers receive the utmost level of selection, quality and convenience.

The new T.photoTM 710C combines a stylish design with a brilliant high-resolution 7-inch TFT flat-panel display. The T.photoTM 710C can showcase all of your favorite photos with background music, is highly configurable, has 1GB of internal memory, and is appropriate for display in your living room, bedroom or office – just about anywhere you would normally put a picture frame or clock.

Austin Huang, Regional Head - Sales, SAARC & APAC, Transcend, said, "If you're looking to add a bit of fashion to your living room, bedroom, or office and show off your picture collection at the same time, be assured that the T.photoTM 710C offers exceptional quality, features and value. As opposed to the original 710's elegant black and gold color scheme, the new 710C's transparent frame offers a simple and pure look, making it perfect for setting on an office desk or mounting on a living room wall, regardless of décor."

The includes a convenient picture-clock and calendar, alarm, and built-in MP3 player with speakers. It can even be used it in your bedroom as an alarm clock to wake up to your favorite song in the morning. In addition to its generous 1GB of internal memory, the is fully USB 2.0 plug and play compliant, and requires no drivers when connecting to a computer. Simply drag and drop files directly to the for fast, easy file transfer.

For further peace of mind, all Transcend digital photo frames come with a two-year warranty and comprehensive support from its global service network.

Transcend's's total depth is only 28mm, which is thinner than most similar products on the market. Its compact dimensions and clean, simple styling make it perfect for putting on a table or mounting on the wall of your room or office, no matter what the décor. 

The T.photoTM 710C is equipped with a 7" high-resolution (480 x 234) widescreen TFT LCD. The standard portrait-size dimensions and rotation functions allow flawless display of either landscape photos or vertical portraits. T.photoTM 710C automatically calculates the best way to display photos based on the information within each digital image, and will preserve the original aspect ratio of your pictures.  

Set the mood with ambient background music. The T.photoTM 710C supports digital camera JPG, BMP and Motion-JPG formats, and you can choose to view photos one at a time, in slideshow view, or tiled thumbnail view – all with background audio from its built-in speakers. You can even plug-in your favorite pair of headphones and use the as an MP3 player.

It features a multi-card reader that instantly shows all pictures on SD cards (SDHC/SD), MMC cards, MS cards, and CF cards as soon as you plug them in. Even if you use a cell phone to take pictures, you can still view them on the using an SD adapter for microSD and miniSD cards, or a MS adapter for MS Duo, MS PRO Duo and M2 cards.

You can also use the as a card reader to attach to your PC. On top of that, the USB host connector allows you to plug-in USB flash drives. Once connected, the will automatically find and display all pictures and music available on the flash drive without having to press a single button! Sharing your pictures has never been so easy or convenient.

To allow convenient operation from a distance, T.photoTM 710C provides a slim, easy-to-use remote control. The remote gives you the option of selecting pictures to display from the's onboard memory, flash media cards, or a USB flash drive, and also allows you to control its background music no matter what photo viewing mode you are in.

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