Transcend introduces new fingerprint USB flash

Transcend Information has launched its newest biometric USB flash drive- JetFlash 220. A successor of Transcend's JetFlash 210, the new flash drive combines with a rotating cover that will never get lost.

As per the press release, Biometrics has quickly become the best way to fight back against data theft, and fingerprint recognition is the current weapon of choice. Transcend's JetFlash 220 features a sensor strip, which allows users to access protected data by simply scanning their fingerprint.

The JetFlash 220's fingerprint scanning technology along with allowing users to safely store personal files and sensitive office documents, also allows to automatically log on to any website for which they have a registered account.

The new product is currently available in 8GB (Ruby Red), 4GB (Royal Blue), and 2GB (Sunburst Orange) capacities.    

Product Features

  • Fully USB 2.0 compliant for high speed data transfer

  • Advanced fingerprint recognition technology

  • AES 256-bit encryption technology

  • Plug and Play installation

  • File Protection: Protect files on your computer with fingerprint security

  • Mobile Favorites: Access of Internet Explorer Favorites on other computers

  • Website Auto-Login: Automatically login to websites that require login and password (Microsoft Internet Explorer only)

  • Repartition Tool

  • Driverless operation (Windows 2000/XP/Vista)

  • USB powered. No external power source or battery needed

  • LED indicates data transfer activity

  • Two-year warranty

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