Transcend unveils T.sonic 650 MP3 Player

Transcend has announced the availability of its new T.sonic 650 MP3 player in India. Combining a lightweight design and storage capacity (up to 4GB), the T.sonic 650 is easy to use. 

T.sonic 650 can slip into user’s pocket or bag, with its measurements of only 75 mm x 31 mm x 13 mm. Weighing in at 30g (with Li-ion battery); the T.sonic 650 is light and does not have a single screw on the outer shell. It has a brilliant dual-color OLED display that can easily be viewed at any angle, even in broad daylight. To increase ease-of-use and intuitive interface navigation, a convenient 4-way button is built into the face of the T.sonic - making access to MP3s easier. 

The player also has a built-in FM radio. Other functions like A-B repeat and variable playback speeds for students and professionals alike, allowing easy review of important class lectures, meetings or foreign language lessons. The one-touch recording function with Voice Activity Detection lets make high quality gapless voice recordings and personal memos. T.sonic 650 supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and even WMA-DRM10 subscription music. Also provided are seven different equalizer modes to choose from -- Normal, POP, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Bass and a special USER EQ. 

T.sonic 650 is available in two capacities: 2GB (Ivory) and 4GB (Charcoal). 

Product Features 

  •   Supports MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10 (subscription music) and WAV music

  •   FM Radio with 20 station presets and recording options

  •   Digital voice recorder with VAD (Voice Activity Detection)

  •   Bright dual-color 4-line OLED display with power-saving screen savers

  •   Variable track playback speeds and A-B repeat for reviewing important parts
      of songs,meetings, lectures and more

  •   Displays 13 languages including song title, artist, and synchronized lyrics

  •   7 Equalizer effects: Normal, POP, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Bass and USER EQ

  •   Real Time Clock (RTC) displays local and world times

  •   Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery provides over 15 hour playback

  •   Sleep timer can be set to automatically power-off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes

  •   High-speed USB 2.0 interface with USB flash drive and security functions

  •   Two year warranty

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