TwinMOS launches 172pins DDRII-533 Micro SO-DIMM

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TwinMOS launches 172pins DDRII-533 Micro SO-DIMM


TwinMOS Technologies has launched the 172-pin DDRII-533 Micro DIMM for Japanese-series sub-notebook/mini notebook PCs at DDR price! Though JEDEC-complaint DDRII Micro DIMM has 214 pins by default, as it requires specific connectors, it is often very expensive. The 172-pin DDRII-533 Micro DIMM from TwinMOS is a total solution developed with the maker’s its long tradition and know-how in memory making by applying the DDRII specification on the standard DDR (172 pins) PCBs in order to make DDRII Micro-DIMM more affordable by reducing its cost. More importantly, all DDRII features, including greater speed, better energy saving performance, and high capacity are preserved.

The new DDRII-533 Micro SO-DIMM for sub-notebook/mini notebook PCs from TwinMOS will be offered in 2 models: 256MB and 512MB, using super capacity DRAM chips, 32M*16 and 64M*8, developed with the new generation wafer technology. Moreover, though the PCB at 4.55x30mm is even smaller than standard DDRII SO-DIMM by 40-50%, the density doubles the traditional 32M*8 DRAM chips. Both models using the 172-pin PCB and BGA packaging are compatible with Panasonic Let’s Note Y4, W4,


All DDRII modules from TwinMOS Technologies are manufactured with the lead-free process as a response to the global trend of lead-free green processes. Furthermore, TwinMOS Technologies requires all PCB, chip and soldering material suppliers to follow suit in order to meet the green requirements of Europe, the USA and China.



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