Viewsonic organizes Silver Finch meetings

ViewSonic Corporation organized the ‘Silver finch club’ member dealer meetings in three cities: Kolkata, Hyderabad and Delhi, on Aug 31, Sept 03 and Sept 12 respectively. The meetings elaborated company’s go-to-market strategy and highlighted its technologies by showcasing their latest spectrum of product line in LCD Monitors and Projectors display range.

Speaking on the occasion, Gautam Ghosh, Country Manager, ViewSonic India, said “We are excited to host this focused channel meeting. This has helped us connect with our partners and understand the regions better. It also helped us to educate our partners with the technologies ViewSonic brings to India through its product line. We look forward to continued success, with the help of our partners in India” 

During the meetings the company highlighted its achievements of the recent past which included launching product line for the Indian market, building the brand through integrated marketing communication tools and building a strong channel infrastructure through out the country. The meet also elaborated on the company’s competency in being visual display expert brand across the world by educating the channel partners of its innovative technologies incorporated in its product line of LCD Monitors and Projectors.


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