Wacom introduces Bamboo Fun

Wacom launched Bamboo Fun, an input device for drawing, painting, sketching and writing, as well as retouching photographs on a computer. Targeted to the consumers keen to develop their creative skills and amateur photographers, Bamboo Fun offers an intuitive way of working digitally with creative software.

Bamboo Fun is white in color and comes in two wide-format sizes, small (overall tablet size 210 x 194 x 11 mm, active area size 148 x 92 mm) and medium (overall tablet size 280 x 235 x 11 mm, active area size 217 x 135 mm). The small-sized tablet is also available in silver, while the medium-sized tablet also comes in black. All models include a precision, wireless mouse to be used with the tablet.

As part of the package, Corel Painter Essentials, a painting application is included in both sizes. Premium photo editing software is also included: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 for PC (Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 for Mac) with medium-sized Bamboo Fun tablets; and Ulead PhotoImpact 12 SE with small-sized Bamboo Fun tablets.

Bamboo Fun has an advanced pressure-sensitive resolution, digital images, where photos can be edited. It is also equipped with pen-based features, including intelligent handwriting recognition found in current operating systems, particularly Microsoft Windows Vista and Mac OS.

The four programmable ExpressKeys on the tablet itself can be assigned with everyday shortcuts such as cut and paste. It also has a new Touch Ring that makes zooming and scrolling easier.

The ergonomically-designed, cordless and battery-free digital pen is matched with the tablet in color and has two separate buttons, which can be configured as required. For quick corrections, the pen can simply be flipped upside down to use the pressure -sensitive eraser at the other end, similar to a real pencil. The pen has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to edit images.Bamboo Fun carries a Microsoft certification of 'Certified for Vista', and also supports Macs.  

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