We aim to create Compuage Presence in E class cities by our opening new branches

Compuage, one of India’s leading IT distributor company, over the years has trail blazed its way in to being the most sought after, value added distributor of global IT brands. Headquartered at Mumbai, Compuage has been growing at a rapid pace and has an ambitious blue print for further expansion. Bhavesh H Mehta, Director, Compuage Infocom speaks to Marketflash about his future plans and projections for the Indian market.

Tell something about your product positioning in the market?

Compuage Infocom is positioned as the most reliable IT Distributor which delivers valuable performance. We are a system oriented and a process driven company with 47 branches, 450+ employees thus having a having a nationwide presence.

What are the brands which you focus to distribute in the Indian market?

The brands we focus to distribute in the Indian Market are APC, AOC, AMP, Creative, HP, Kingston, K7, Linksys, Numeric, Odyssey, One-for-all, Targus, Toshiba, Viewsonic, WD, with many more in fold.

With the huge competition in IT distribution segment, what is your plan to accelerate your distribution strategy? 

We plan to accelerate in this competitive environment by conducting promotional activities like conducting training meets, organizing corporate events nationwide thus creating awareness of our products and services and market penetration in C&D class cities.  This will also enable us for 100% growth in the coming year.

What would be your area of concentration for Compuage Infocom in next coming year?

We have always focused on delivering renowned brands with value added service to our esteemed clients. We aim to continue this and in coming year we aim to create Compuage Presence in E class cities by our opening new

Are you going to increase your distribution chain in India and are you coming with some new brands in market?

We are going to increase our distribution chain in India in many more  verticals. As of now things are in pipeline.

Can you highlight some of your recent milestones? 

Success is a never-ending journey for Compuage since its inception.  Talking about the recent milestone, we had been awarded by Creative labs as a best distributor for Asia. We had been also rated one of the leading top 25-distribution company by Crisil/ ICICI and CNBC. Also rated one of the leading top 20 companies with highest growth in Qtr 1- 07 by Economic Times.  We started with Destination India Campaign which spane across 60 cities in one year organizing   corporate events and meets inviting all level of partners in the zone covered. With an overwhelming response of over 14,000 partners, the destination India campaign was a sure hit.

What are the challenges that you think you face being a part of this distribution industry?

Today distribution companies are sourcing and selling globally, while having to maintain localized availability and customer service level. The challenges we face being a part of this distribution industry is, searching better ways to strengthen value-added services, extend our inventory grow business to sustain profitability in this competitive

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