Wings Infonet announces e-Biz suite

Wings Infonet, a software products company, announced the launch of e-Biz, a suite of business software products. The new suite works on current generation technology and claims to offer scope, design, features and a good user experience. It is designed for mid-sized businesses which desire to automate systems keeping and want the computerized systems to help them manage their businesses better.

“With Wings e-Biz, we have brought about a unique suite for businesses, the like of which is not available today. It is neither a traditional ERP system with huge pains and costs of implementation nor traditional book-keeping software with limited scope. It is a modern suite which helps businesses computerizes many functions beyond accounting in an integrated environment, using modern technology. It is designed to help businesses manage their businesses better,” said Ajay Gandhi, Director, Wings Infonet.

The suite offers several products, which can be used for accounting and inventory, payroll, fixed assets, and so on. The suite also offers special products for different industry verticals or special uses – like retail, restaurants, automobile dealerships, Distributor Management, etc.

“The products bring to the users the benefits of current generation technology. The software is completely web-based, allowing users to setup fully online or offline systems across multiple locations. Working on robust databases and on the .Net platform, and with many security features built in, users can now scale up their operations to any level without problems”, said Gandhi.

Wings e-Biz offers many tools and features like– the ability to work in any major World Language; a Report Designer; flexible Forms Designer; and advanced features like Transaction Authorization, MS Office integration, Mobile Devices enablement, and so on. The suite can be deployed within a few days or weeks without hassles of traditional ERP systems.

The major highlights of Wings e-Biz suite are:

a.     Web-based online or offline systems
b.   Enterprise-wide product range – with the ability to computerize one or more areas of business
c.   Comprehensive functionality – each product is complete for what it does
d.   Total Security
e.   World Languages
f.  Advanced Features on the desktop

The suite includes the following products:

  • e-Accounting

  • e-Payroll

  • e-Asset

  • e-Central

  • e-Retail

  • e-Auto

  • e-F&B

  • e-Trade

  • e-S&D 

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