Zenith Computers Get Norton Inside

Zenith Computers Limited will ship Norton Internet Security 2007 pre-installed on more than 100,000 desktop and notebook PCs in India.

With every purchase of a new Zenith PC, users can avail of Norton Internet Security 2007 for a one-year complementary period.

"The PC market in India experienced strong positive growth in 2006, largely driven by small and medium-sized businesses and consumers embracing the digital lifestyle. With the demand for Internet connectivity, PC users will need to be better protected from online threats," said Michael Yell, director, consumer OEM division, Symantec Corporation.

"The Norton brand name is synonymous with internet security. Our customers, made up of small- and medium-sized companies, need reliable and trusted security solutions like Norton Internet Security 2007 installed in their desktops and notebooks to protect their information and interactions on the Internet," said Raj Saraf, chairman and managing director, Zenith Computers.

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