ASUS Gladiators win the ARCL cup

When it comes to cricket, any day is a good day! And proving the same were a number of teams who participated in a cricket match recently hosted by Rashi Peripherals.

In an All Asus final held at the Asus-Rashi Cricket League (ARCL), Asus Gladiator won with thumping margin against Asus Giant Lions. However, the Rashi teams could reach the semi-finals but finally had to bow down to the aggression of ASUS.


ASUS-Rashi Annual Cricket tournament, better known as ARCL was held recently for the fourth consecutive year between various teams of Rashi Peripherals and Asus, at St, Pius ground, Mumbai.

The teams, were divided into seven groups and were christened The Gladiators XI (Asus), The Giant Lions XI (Asus), Silver Leopard (Asus), The Challengers XI (Rashi Mumbai branch), The Warriors Returns XI (Rashi CO), The Dhumdhadaka XI (Rashi RMA Vasai) and The Guruji XI( Rashi CO).


Asus regional City Managers were invited to play for this ARCL Cup. The event was enjoyed by more than 300 colleagues and family members. With food and Non alcoholic drinks flowing, and cheering for their favorite team to win the cup, it wore a festive look at the stadium.


Elucidating further Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals, said,  “The objective of ARCL is to de-stress from the hectic IT business and improve inter-personal relationships. Rashi continually motivates its employees with the objective to improve their efficiencies in this fiercely competitive market. Also such initiatives throw up surprise talents who can then be groomed to excel professionally as well”.


This kind of event also gives an opportunity for the families to be together and yet be competitive against their favorite teams. The enthusiasm was totally visible on the ground with most of the players having a practice session before office hours for almost 2 months. 


“Apart from the health fitness point of view such initiatives also helps in enhancing team work and competitive capability ‘added Rajesh Goenka.


Observing the participation and enthusiasm of all the members, it was agreed to take ARCL to higher level in its 5th year.


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