Express yourself with the Sony’s ‘New Walkman® NWZ-B170 Series’

Sony India expands its Walkman® MP3 player family with the new NWZ- B170 series (NWZ-B172 and NWZ-B173), delivering your favourite beats in a flashy new design and enhancing the audio experience by simply pressing the BASS Boost button, which assures rich and pumping low-ends.


The new models NWZ-B172 and NWZ-B173 have built-in lithium-ion battery, which delivers up to 18 hours of music playback and the Quick Charge function delivers 90 minutes2 of music with just a mere three-minute charge. Wherever you go, the NWZ-B170 Series makes sure you always have your music with you.


The NWZ-B170 Series also exudes fashion chic with four colour choices and a new colour-matching power illuminator, which flashes in sync with the rhythm of the music. In addition, a detachable clip makes it super easy to accessorise with any outfit.


With the NWZ-B170, you don’t have to spend hours trying to manage your music, thanks to the sleek and simple USB-dongle design – plug it into your Windows PC1, drag and drop the tracks you want, and you’re ready to go. Searching through the hundreds of songs on your Walkman® is just as easy with Sony’s unique ZAPPIN™


·         Thumping beats with Bass Boost button

·         Quick 3-minute battery charge gives 90 minutes of playback

·         Clip for wearable style shows off the sleek, cool design

·         Colour matching power illuminator

·         Easy drag and drop music transfers

·         ZAPPIN™ music scanning technology


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