GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5 by Sin0822.


This VRM uses an 8 phase PWM, in which 6 of those 8 phases are doubled by special doubler ICs. The MOSFETs used this time around have better characteristics than the giga X79 MOSFETs, and GIGABTYE is using 3 MOSFETs per phase instead of 2 to better balance the load.  

You also have a very good cooling solution this time around, GIGABYTE says that these new heatsinks are the same mass as the heatsinks used on the Z68/P67 UD5, but have more surface area and have a direct contact design. 


A powerful VRM has been provided, while the G1 Sniper 3 uses the same phase count, the UD5H features higher current capability chokes. These chokes are made by the same manufacturer that manufactured the custom chokes for the X58A-OC.


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