PNY introduce the tiny Cube Attaché

PNY introduce one of its USB flash drive collection, a product for business people. The PNY Cube Attaché boasts of a simple and no-nonsense cube design with solid colors of red and black symbolizing professional coherence. The small and ultra-light drive easily lets you carry your presentations from your work PC to the conference room with no hassle. Don't let the classic appearance fool you as this drive comes in a strong and rugged polymer body that can endure rough usage.


The Cube Attaché has a cap that snugly fits onto and seals off the USB plug, protecting it against dust and water. We must mention here that it is based on COB packaging technology using A+ grade memory chip that allows it to be packaged in such tiny dimensions and yet ensure good performance. The small size of 7 mm x 16 mm x 31 mm and weight of just 4.2g makes it very easy to carry it in the pocket. Additionally, it also has a hole to attach it to a lanyard or to a keychain, belt, wallet, etc.


Available in capacities ranging from 2GB up to 32GB, the PNY Cube Attaché is adept at carrying all your data including images, music, documents, games, and more. Sporting USB 2.0 interface, it is backward compatible with older USB interfaces as well. You no longer have to wait forever for files to transfer due to the faster read speeds up to 32 MB/sec and write speeds up to 10 MB/sec. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, and even on Mac OS 10.3 and above, the drive comes with a 5-year warranty.


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