Forward Industries, Inc. is on a roll, and for this it has made sure they choose the building bricks wisely. Two such major distributor appointments made by them are:

Creative Peripherals & Distribution Pvt. Ltd has been appointed as the national distributor for organized retail chains and LFR (Large Format Retail) across India.

Ketan C Patel who is the CEO of Creative Peripherals & Distribution Pvt. Ltd quotes, “Looking at consistent growth of mobility segment such as Tablets, Laptop & Smart phones, we are seeing great potential in the branded accessory market. It would be a unique opportunity as the products from Forward are unique promising and thus will give an optimistic feedback ensuring a dynamic entry, we are confident enough to make this engagement successful for both organizations across India.”

Speaking about this engagement, “The partnership with Creative Peripherals is a strategic engagement in order to strengthen our focus on the consumer market. With their increasing pan-India network and deep understanding of the retail business, Creative would add great value in our business to become leading consumer brand in Indian consumer electronic accessory market “said Ripunjay Gajjar, Country Head India & SAARC, Forward Industries, Inc.

RX Infotech has been appointed as national distributor for IT Channel, Corporate and B2B.

 Atul Gupta director of RX Infotech saysWe are honored to represent Forward’s diversified product portfolio having innovative products for laptops, tablets, smart phones. We believe that distributor is an extended arm of vendor, for this we will actively contribute to Forward Industries in gaining the much deserved foothold in the market with strong focus and reach of RX Infotech.’’


Speaking about this engagement, “We are excited to partner with RX Infotech, their strong penetration across India with aggression and strive for success will help us to strengthen our footprints in to India “said Ripunjay Gajjar, Country Head India & SAARC, Forward Industries, Inc.


About Forward Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORD):


Forward Industries, Inc. headquartered in Santa Monica USA have been engaged in Product Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Consumer Electronics and Carry Cases since 1961.Started off with customized design and worldwide distribution of soft-sided carry cases, bags and other accessories for the handheld consumer electronic products industry, including cellular telephones and medical monitoring and diagnosis kits. Its principle customers are World Wide OEMs, major IT Distribution Partners, Retailers and Value Added Resellers.


Our Current range Executive Management team has sold more than 300 Million cases & Computer Accessories over the years and carries vast expertise and mobile computing market know-how which now is translated into our current retail portfolio.


We have a passion for Cases & Accessories and through our product design, experience and creativity we deliver world class solution for Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones. For our OEM client we deliver customized solutions exactly meeting their needs and aligned with their strategies.

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