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What is the estimated market size for projectors in the domestic market? 

As per PMA & DTC Reports, the Indian Digital Projector market size was somewhere between 150K units to 200K units in 2011. With IT inf rastructure spending becoming an integral part of every business budget, we perceive a further increase in the demand of projectors year on year. The IT adoption levels with regard to education, government and corporate have grown manifold over the years. Projectors are on their way to becoming an essential asset of any organization.

 What are some of the latest innovations or technologies available today in the projector space?

 A revolution that has come about in the projector space is the 3D technology. As 3D has become a buzzword, 3D projectors actually aim at bringing you pictures which are life-like and you might just be conned into thinking that the images of people that you see on the screen are actually real people. Most of our projectors are 3D Ready and Vivitek is the first to launch 2D to 3D conversion technology in India by introducing 2D to 3D Series under Vivitek projectors line up. We have got overwhelming response by our users for bringing this advance technology which has given an altogether different viewing experience to our customers.


Another biggest innovation in the projector space at present is the small size projectors. These devices are well known by some other names also like Handheld, Pico or Pocket projectors. This market is especially driven by the embedded projectors. With this kind of technology, people can have their viewing experience anywhere anytime because these kinds of projectors are small in size and easy to carry.


Another breakthrough in projector lineups is Ultra Short Throw projectors the perfect solution for space limiting environments such as boardrooms, classrooms and tutorial rooms. These projectors are placed right in front of the projection screen without leaving any space and give the same picture quality just like other regular projectors which are mounted on top. If we talk about other innovation in projector space, LCD/DLP-based projectors are also currently popular. LED too is a coming trend due to its long life cycle.


At a time when hand-held devices are becoming the latest fad, how popular are pico or hand-held projectors in the market today?


Pocket projectors are the most recent invention in the entertainment industry giving it whole new definition and making it the first choice of the family. Taking this into consideration, we have introduced yet another breakthrough technology the palm size high definition pocket projector known as QUMI.  We have received excellent response for Qumi and it drives 10-15% of Vivitek total sales. When   we talk about its distinguished features, the brightness level of Qumi is up to 500 lumens and it weighs only 1.4 pounds. The Qumi is Vivitek’s innovative LED pocket projector featuring a DLP® Pico chipset and BrilliantColor™ technologies from Texas Instruments. It is also the first pocket projector to be 3D-ready via DLP Link™. The Qumi’s sleek design and connectivity

options allows it to be used with a variety of devices, including smart phones, laptops,   netbooks and tablets, digital and video cameras. Versatile and portable, the Vivitek Qumi is perfect for sharing digital content at work and play.

Given the huge demand for projectors coming from the education sector, what is your approach to tap this sector?

 Education is one of the most lucrative sectors for Indian Digital Projectors. To tap this sector, we have created a dedicated Regional Distributors followed by Large Resellers Chain. These RDs provide solutions to the educational institutions such as schools, colleges and tutorial classes which are high in fashion these days.  We also have association with large educational System Integrators who does large government projects on education.


Which are the verticals/ segments (besides education) that offer a promising market for projectors in India?

Besides education, other markets where projectors have left no stone unturned to mark its presence are Conference Rooms, Home & Entertainment, Large Venues, Office and Multimedia. Fortunately, Vivitek line of products caters to all the above mentioned segments.


What are the distribution and Channel strategies of Vivitek?

Appointing Regional Distributors and targeting channel partners in Various States & Metros will help us penetrate in class A/B/C cities. 


 In today’s competitive scenario, how do you ensure that your partners meet their sales targets well on time and still register a good margin?

When it comes to selling right products to the right customers we always make sure about training our Partners on the latest and updated technologies. Regular trainings on the products and its distinguished features differentiate Vivitek from other brands and help our partners to register good margin on sales. Moreover, our Partners are best to judge the nerve of the market as they are connected directly with the customers and able to guide them in the right direction.


What are the future Plans of Vivitek?

The biggest priority of Vivitek at this moment is to develop the Vivitek Reseller Plan as much as we can.     


What are the opportunities available today in the projector space for channel partners?

Channel Partners in projector space can expect huge opportunities in sectors like Education, Retail and Large Venue Installations. Vivitek partners benefits from our solutions that caters to these sectors  such as our small High Definition pocket projector-Qumi, 2D to 3D Technology and wide range of Large Venue projectors which comes along with optional lenses and edge blending solutions.

 About Vivitek:

Vivitek manufactures an extensive line of visual display and presentation products. The company’s line of digital projection and display products incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to deliver superior products for its customers, partners and channels. . The extensive line-up consists of projectors for home cinema, education, large venue and data projectors. Vivitek products are sold through its authorized dealers, distributors, retailers and system integrators. 



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