Iris topman Sanjiv Krishen, honoured for his Achievement in IT Distribution

Industry veteran Sanjiv Krishen was recently honoured at a function held at Delhi’s plush hotel for his invigorating creativity and contribution, Receiving a Life Time Achievement Award conferred by a leading IT Channel Publication Digital Terminal, he said - “ Its been a wonderful journey that culminated in the award, I thank the industry for the honour “ Sanjiv started with IBM as a management trainee, got a challenging deal thru with Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani, after 3 decades of work there - he moved to the Middle East to handle Apple Distribution and later he brought to India “The First Power Machintosh”, 3 years later Iris was formed in 1996 winning Compaq as its first principal OEM, set up 3 offices and 32 dealer network and hitting a 5 crores turnover in its inception year . Iris today distributes all major brands like -– HP – Samsung – Lenovo – WD – Dell – ACER – HCL – APC – Belkin - - Ateis - Brocade – MTS - Canon and more. Sanjiv’s hand grown Iris team stands tall at present with a 350 plus employees and a 4000 plus dealer network with a company CAGR of 15 % - that truly rides the inflation that other industry contenders reported. “ Business has been smooth and promising” claims Sanjiv thru the IT slumber time Sanjiv’s personal touch, creativity and able to understand roadblocks of dealers and partners helped him overcome many obstacles thru the years that made Iris – the “Distributor of Choice” He received a pat on his back by Amar Babu Head Lenovo, Indias No1 PC brand said – “ Sanjiv’s Iris has played a “key role” in our success “ Sanjiv is known for coming out with out of the box solution to help tie ends not only for partners, but clients and very surprisingly with contenders as well. Sanjiv was first for Dell at its distribution business in India, signed in Iris as its first distributor for India subcontinent under their GCC agreement. Sanjiv helped many deals and projects go thru with his acumen and personal touch, he devised Iris as a quick, sensitive and responsive distributor. Foreign investment helped Sanjiv forge ahead thru business projects and more. In the last few years Iris grown from a mere 800 crores in 2011 to 2000 crore last fiscal and expecting a whooping 5000 crore this fiscal. Sanjiv has added several vertical in the trade across products and principals redefining the trade. 1970s had seen Sanjiv win a Bronze Medal at the Common Wealth Games, a Motor Sports person, an Automobile Lover, a Biker loves going for wild life safaris He recently shelved off 90% of Iris to InflexionPoint headed by John Schully, yet holding on the top seat, Sanjiv now is free now – his friendly nature is still young Letting an arm out has been his nature – he is helping individuals and companies grow their business. He believes in the - SPIRIT OF FAIRNESS - has been his main reason to this success “You do a right thing – it always works and – this is the way – I like “ he says

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