Falling Costs, Flexibility & Portability, Indian Security Go Wifi

Rising crime graph, varied growth in infrastructure is giving way to the demand for
Video Surveillance. It has not only gone up in the corporate house but has risen sharply among the RWAs and security agencies too. Research points out that their demand has rising since December 2013 after the December 16 gang rape incident.
Demand for Video Surveillance besides other security systems like Alarm Systems,
Metal Detectors / X-Ray Machines have increased.
“ Booming demand for security solutions,  falling costs of products & installation coupled with easy hassle-free installation & portability is making wireless security an instant hit. “ says Mr Yogesh Mudra, MD, UBM India
‘They are preferred due to their innumerable benefits that come with intelligent and flexible systems. Wireless Surveillance have a big potential market in India and with immediate time it is expected to rise further’
  he added

In the light of Smart Cities India’s emerging electronic security business is expected to
hit about 10,000 crore. Over 300 companies from 20 different countries are here
along with home grown enterprises shall demonstrate security technologies of tomorrow at the UBM India's IFSEC Expo through 10th to 12th December at the capital.
This is the largest southern asia annual event in the security industry and shall showcase some of the finest wifi electronic surveillance to secure our tomorrow. 

The Japan-based Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) recently published a chart showcasing the rising trend of camera shipment, pointing towards the growing global camera market. Prominent camera companies have reported drop in sales about a year ago. With the high quality phone camera the acceptance of having a camera around has also been a major boost, analysts claimed. Wireless cameras are constantly improving on features like affordability and quality. These devices are comparatively small and are easy to set up, even for those with limited technical knowledge or ability. One of the major advantages of wireless security cameras is the option of positioning them anywhere within range of a wireless receiver. With existing power points, one can just plug in and the camera starts working on the existing network. Thus, improved video surveillance coverage (especially where cable placement is difficult), support for temporary monitoring of locations, support for integration with specialized video surveillance and mobility services applications are some of the benefits that have been driving the growth of electronic surveillance.

Speaking on new technologies Mr Jayam Balasubramanian, Head Marketing and Communication of a Chinese Security Major - Hikvision said, “ The capital can expect to witness better and new technologies in the IFSEC 2015. The  technologies that will ensure a better and comprehensive security not only in corporate sector but in terms of public safety and city surveillance”. 

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