TP-LINK India Leads WirelessRange Extender Shipments in Q2 2015

TP-LINK India today announcedthat the company led consumerWireless Range Extender market share in Q2 2015, according to the most recent research published by Indian research and advisory firm 6Wresearch, which conducts the research on various aspect and industries. They have a special unit to do research on such segment and according to the research conducted by them, in their report TP-LINK emerged as market leader in Range Extender segment in India.
The 6Wresearch Quarterly Tracker – Q2 2015Final Release – indicates that TP-LINK India leads its marketplace in market share (measured by units shipped):

  • TP-LINK ranks number one in India at 47% market share
  • India Wireless Range Extender Market shipments value reached $0.40 million in CY Q2 2015.

TP-LINK Gains Market Share in India
TP-LINK Indialeadssecond quarter 2015in Wireless Range Extendershipments, with reference topublished 6Wresearch Quarterly Tracker reports.
According to 6Wresearch, “Increasing demand for mobility, low installation & maintenance cost as well as easy network expansion as compared to the wired networks have increased the popularity of these devices among the Indian consumers. Additionally, rising internet subscribers, growing SMEs and expansion of Telecom infrastructure are expected to fuel the demand of Wireless Range Extenders in India.”.
“We are pleased that 6Wresearch recognizes TP-LINK’s number one position in the Wireless Range Extender market,” says TP-LINK’s representative, “TP-LINK has always been a committed company, and our aim is to provide our customers with smooth wireless lifestyle at reasonable cost”.
TP-LINK’s quality control is unprecedented andbefore a new product is shipped, it gets tested in 7,000 unique scenarios, and it only takes one failed test to start the entire process all over again.


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