Lee Hecht Harrison launches the leadership Contract

Lee Hecht Harrison today announced the launch of The Leadership ContractTM & The Accountable ManagerTM in India. The announcement was made at the Talent Delphi, powered by Lee Hecht Harrison. The event was attended by over 100 HR professionals from leading companies. LHH delivered insights, information & perspectives to talent development initiatives that help organizations develop confident, capable leaders who enable cultural change, improve employee engagement, create agile succession pipelines and transform workforce, and drive performance to successfully execute business strategy.

“In many industries, the supply of talent is no longer where it used to be, and companies must now look globally across all labour pools to fill their talent pipelines. Cloud computing, new social and collaboration tools, and advances in remote access enable many jobs to be easily carried out remotely. The new generation of employees- tech savvy & socially connected are wired to this digitization of work, however it requires a new kind of leadership & a new style of workforce management.” said Ankush Puri, Business Head, LHH India

The conclave comprised of various formats like: key note address on The Leadership ContractTM by Karen Faehndrich, President, LHH – Asia. In this keynote, Karen offered a blueprint to help leaders fully commit to their responsibilities and obligations. This was followed by a strategic session on ‘How Digitization and Innovation will transform HR?’ led by Claudio Garcia, EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development, LHH. In this session, Claudio addressed the consequences for Individuals career and organizations, contemporary practices in HR domain and the key competencies for the HR in the future. 

Karen spoke on the importance of adopting an attitude of accountability in leadership. “By building a culture of accountability on the onset, you rid your organization of ineffective behaviour, put the right people on the right jobs, and send the message that you’re serious about excellent work. Contemporary leaders are increasingly realizing the importance of short term and long term leadership strategies and hence integrate aspects from various leadership styles. In the existing context, the impact of accountable leadership cannot be emphasized more. “said Karen Faehndrich, President, LHH Asia.

“Many organizations of current times are facing unprecedented challenges to keep pace with the increasing rate of change. Globalization, speed of innovation, changing workforce demography and technology advancement are fast emerging as key drivers of change. This new era of automation and artificial intelligence has invoked fear of a society in which computers replace both blue collar and white collar jobs. Despite what it may seem, technology has not replaced labour, but improved task efficiency and provided workers the time to focus on other tasks. Over the course of history, the adoption of new technology has created jobs, increased productivity, raised earnings, and increased the demand for skilled labour. Business leaders of today need to address these challenges and need to skilfully manoeuvre their respective organizations to the next level.  “said, Claudio Garcia, EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development, LHH

The event also saw a lively panel discussion on Building Competence for 21st century leadership for India Inc. The discussion explored the changing face of leadership competence in VUCA times. The session answered questions as to whether leaders in India are ready to execute strategy, lead change, drive innovation, engage employees and build talent for the future? The 6 panel members present were Mr. Priyanshu Singh, MD & Country Manager, Adecco Group India, Vivek Subramanian, Director – Organization & Talent Development, Oracle India, Dr. Jayan Sen, AVP & Head, L & D, Infosys, Dr Jose Francis, Head, Talent Development, HR, Verizon Data Services, Ashish Bhattad, Staff Manager, Engineering, Marvell Semiconductor and Bhaskar Natarajan, PCC Director, ICF Global Board. 

While sharing his views at the Panel Discussion, Priyanshu Singh, MD & Country Manager, Adecco Group India commented “This VUCA environment is taxing even the most able of leaders who may find their skills growing obsolete as quickly as their organizations change in this volatile, unpredictable landscape. Leaders must make continuous shifts in people, process, technology, and structure. This requires flexibility and quickness in decision making. HR and talent management professionals must position their organizations to succeed in today’s turbulent business environment by developing agile leaders. Applying the VUCA model as a framework to re-tool leadership development models may enable HR and talent management professionals to identify and foster the leaders their organizations need now and in the future.”

As the world’s leading integrated Talent Development and Transition Company, LHH has the local expertise, global infrastructure, and industry leading technology required to simplify the complexity associated with executing critical talent and workforce initiatives, reducing brand and operational risk. Teams in more than 60 countries around the world leverage their proven programs and global experience to deliver tailored solutions to clients that align talent with the needs of their business.

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