Zebra® ZT400™ Series Printer - Where Durability Meets Application Flexibility

From work-in process and product ID/serial numbers to packaging labels and receiving/put-away labelling, increase efficiency and visibility across your operations with Zebra’s durable ZT400 Series printers.

Your operations are critical. Trust Zebra ZT400 Series printers — constructed with an all metal frame and bi-fold door — to deliver reliable performance in the toughest environments, now and in the future.

ZT400 Series printers also come equipped with advancements in print speed and registration, along with additional features, including:

Optional, expanded RFID capabilities to enable greater tracking, visibility and enterprise insight
Equipped with multiple connectivity options for easy integration
Support for an exceptional range of media capabilities and media delivery options to print labels from almost any application
Zebra’s Link-OS environment makes it easy to integrate, manage and maintain printer from any location

To find out more, visit www.zebra.com/zt400

For further enquiries, please email APACMarcom@zebra.com.

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