SanDisk Launches SSDs for Desktop PCs, Laptops

Storage solutions company SanDisk Corporation has introduced its new offering SanDisk SSD Plus, a 2.5” entry-level drive for laptop and desktop PC users who want to significantly improve system performance.

 Building on SanDisk’s line-up of SSD offerings, these new drives are designed to bring all the benefits of flash memory technology — faster speeds, extended battery life and upgraded systems — to users. With speeds of up to 23x the performance of a typical hard drive, the SanDisk SSD Plus will deliver faster boot and load times as well as better overall system performance. SanDisk SSD Plus offers sequential read speed of upto 520MB/s and write up speed upto 400MB/s thus elevating boot up speed, application response, data transfer and better multitasking.

The SanDisk SSD Plus comes with a 3-year warranty and is available in a 2.5” form factor at capacities of 120GB (Rs 4600),  240GB (Rs 7500), and 480GB (Rs.12990) according to a press release from SanDisk.

 “Consumers are constantly looking for faster and better-performing computing devices that provide data instantly, but they don’t necessarily want to replace their entire system in order to get that boost,” said Rajesh Gupta, Country Manager, India and SAARC, SanDisk. “At SanDisk, we are focused on providing SSD solutions that give users improved performance on their existing PC, laptop with faster speeds, greater durability and higher capacities, all with a simple upgrade from a brand they can trust.”

SanDisk SSDs deliver a low power and quiet experience, while achieving faster boot-up and shutdown, application launch and data transfer speeds. These latest additions to the SanDisk consumer SSD portfolio also boast impressive durability. They are engineered, tested and proven to be shock-and-vibration-resistant, as well as resilient to extreme temperatures, giving users the peace of mind that their drive is protected even if their computer is dropped or damaged.

As an added benefit, the SanDisk SSD Plus include a downloadable SanDisk SSD Dashboard application, which provides management tools such as drive performance and health monitoring, manual or scheduled TRIM, notifications for firmware updates, and tips on how to maintain the drive at its peak operation. 

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