ACL Mobile introduces Short URL Service, Allowing enterprises to strengthen their brand and measure

India’s leading Enterprise Messaging Solutions provider, ACL Mobile Ltd. today introduced Short URL Service as part of its portfolio of enterprise messaging products. Short URL Service is a unique service that allows enterprises to strengthen their brand and measure the marketing campaign both at the same time.

The new Short URL Service by ACL Mobile takes SMS to a next level as it allow enterprises  to - Customize URLs by publishing brand name in them ; Shorten URL(s) in real time ; Generate unique short URL to track each customer and;  Get campaign dashboard that helps analyze customer behavior to measure campaign effectiveness.

The features of the Short URL Service will help enterprises generate greater brand visibility and ensure that the SMS sent by them enjoys more authencity and customer trust. The service provides enterprise an effortless transition to short URL with no manual intervention. Also, as enterprises are able to track each customer’s activity for example: whether or not a customer have clicked the URL, customer location, handset model etc. they can better plan the campaign. The same information is also made available on campaign dashboard, enabling enterprises to unravel the true effectiveness of each of their SMS campaigns and better analyze the behavior of each and every user.

Further commenting on the announcement, Mr. Prabhat Kumar Singh, Chief Operating Officer- Messaging Business, ACL Mobile, said “The present day environment makes smarter outreach, tracking and analytics mandatory. Withstanding the same demand, we decided to roll out our special feature of short URL. These URLs will be generated automatically and would be unique for each customer. Sourcing the exact user behavior, enterprises will now be able to better track customer activity on each of the campaigns. Providing a much deeper insights into customer behavior, we are affirmative that the Short URL Service will help brands and businesses improve their ROI significantly.”

Intended to enable enterprises become more effective with their SMS outreach initiatives, the short URL service will be available as a free value-added update to ACL’s current product Campaign Manager – Mesoka.

About ACL Mobile

ACL Mobile is a leading provider of multi-channel mobile messaging solutions. Since its inception in 2000, it has emerged as a front runner in designing and developing highly secure, scalable and reliable platforms and products across mobile mediums of SMS, Voice & Data. ACL’s solutions help businesses build a smarter connect with their customers, enhance relationship and achieve profitability.

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and trusted partnership with telecom operators in India and across the globe; ACL Mobile continues to define, architect, build and provide messaging solutions to over 500 large businesses across several verticals. It is a preferred partner for the banking industry. ACL’s robust web tools, APIs and cutting-edge platform enable sending more than 1 billion messages a month with 99.99% uptime rate. ACL Mobile is constantly helping enterprises to integrate innovative mobile messaging strategy into their businesses to acquire and serve their customers. 

Headquartered in Delhi NCR, India, ACL is committed to constantly innovate not only for the next generation of smart messaging solutions but also in areas of mobile payment and mobile data.

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