NETRACK Initiates Employee Health Program; Points out Reasons for Rising Health Concerns in IT & ITE

NETRACK, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, recently organized a one-day health check-up program for their employees under the theme "Healthy Employees-Healthy Organization." This health check-up program was attended by 125 employees (Women & Gentlemen). The check-up consisted of Physical Examination, Complete Blood Picture, Lipid Profiling, Blood Sugar, Blood Grouping & RH Factor and ECG.  

The purpose of the check-up was to evaluate the health status of employees, screen them for risk factors and provide them preventive counseling for better living. NETRACK believes IT companies must focus on the health of their employees due to growing health concerns and less off-work activities.  

Nagaraj U, Director - Technical at NETRACK said, "Preventive health services for employees keep them positively motivated, active and upbeat. A healthy and energetic employee is more far more productive in his day-to-day work as well. These off-work activities are very important in keeping the employees' health status updated."   Most people tend to miss their routine health activities due to busy modern lifestyles, and they only realize the importance of these things when they face serious health problems. The hectic schedules, traveling and stringent timelines in the IT sector often result in sleep deprivation, work-related stress and unhealthy eating habits. According to the Asian Health Care Services study report, approximately 30% of IT professionals suffer from depression and this trend has witnessed significant increase in the past few years.  

"We are one amongst the certified company for Occupational Health and Safety Management System with OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. We believe, employees are the most valuable assets of any company and the welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company. We want happy, healthy employees and the employees want to work for companies that care for them," Nagaraj added further. 
Regular health check-ups not only benefit employees but also help employers economically. They help in raising retention rates, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and help the company save more. NETRACK plans to organize such health programs on a regular basis.  

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