Ambrane India enters Audio category, with BT-6000Touch lamp Speakers, priced at Rs. 1999/-

After establishing its presence with Amazon India in TV, Noble Skiodo a brand that has endeavored to present its customers with innovative products, now under its Consumer durables segment introduces its first Semi – automatic Washing machine “Twin Tub Eco Wash 80WMVM” that does not just wash your clothes but brings an all in one convenience. Welcome the smarter way to your homes which is low on power, high on savings – Its time to make your Washing experience peaceful!

Speaking on the launch of its latest Twin Tub Washing Machine, Mr. Sharan Maini Director – Noble Skiodo says, "Noble Skiodo has always been the frontrunner in Technology, with all its products especially TV offering the best value for money paired with functionality. With our newest entrants washing machines we have made consumer appliances segment more affordable. With a vision to enrich the life of loyal Noble Skiodo customers, we aim to bring more range of products and strive hard towards establishing Smart Homes"

Designed in the striking Burgundy color, the Twin Tub lid is designed to open and close smoothly and silently, so there are no unexpected bangs! And it’s also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and damage, so it will last a long time.

Text Box: Key Features  •	MRP 8999/-  •	Large Spin Capacity   •	Thermal protection for safety   •	Energy Saving   •	Top Loading   •	Air Jet Drying & Lint Filter   •	Advanced Salt Water Technology   •	Wash program with Buzzer    Wash program with Buzzer Bluetooth Connectivity  wide angle screen for Lens  Clip for lens.









Wash Capacity: With Twin Tub ‘Big doesn’t nail it anymore’ the washer capacity at 8Kg is large enough, so much that you shall run out of superlatives. The jumbo capacity lets you do much more laundry at once, not also saving energy but also runs easy on your bills. Wash bed sheets, table linen, cushions and curtains with ease in addition to your daily laundry, giving you the perfect wash every time.

Air Jet Drying & Lint Filter: To prevent the inner tub from getting rusted or moldy and reduce the time required to dry the washed laundry, the Twin Tub is equipped with innovative air jet drying technology that gives you fresh clothes which are ready to iron and wear.Its powerful lint filtration effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes, so your laundry stays cleaner, while protecting your drainage from getting clogged up. And it's easy to clean!

Advanced Salt Water Technology: Its time to enjoy some peaceful washing, with advanced Salt water Technology the reduces noise to minimum while washing. Get away with the exasperating vibrations, with the right balance in the spin basket while at usage. Additionally, it also has a water level adjuster to help you monitor and regulate water levels efficiently.

Wash program with Buzzer: For the ultimate in convenience, Twin Tub is equipped with a Buzzer along with 3+1 wash function, facilitated with several wash timings. With the soak timer to keep you alert, wash and wring your clothes quickly and efficiently.

Thermal protection with Savings: With Twin Tub, it’s the Washing Machine that finds savings even in your laundry. Saving you a considerable amount of money on light bills with its energy efficient motor, the Twin tub also provides thermal protection ensuring maximum user and appliance safety at all times.

The Washing machine is already available with leading online market place across India. Amazon has an exclusive right to sell these washing machines. Therefore offering major discounts on the product to make it even more pocket friendly.

About Noble Skiodo TV :

Enhancing the lives of Consumers, Noble Skiodo, is oriented towards revolutionising TV viewing experience in India with its unparalleled quality and prudent prices.  The genesis of Noble Skido lies in the exclusive technological liaison of Noble Skiodo Technologies with a renowned company SKIODO from Silicon Valley, California, USA.

With over 35 years of experience, Noble Skiodo believes in evolving with the latest in technology to create visual systems of the utmost quality. With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence, Noble SKIDO aspires to find a place in every customer’s heart and room, bringing unparalleled experience.

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