AXILSPOT Committed To Make Smart Cities, Digital India Programme a Phenomenal Success 

AXILSPOT, a leader in enterprise WLAN solutions is excited to contribute to the country's two most ambitious initiatives, "Smart Cities" and "Digital India Programme" utilising its state of the art enterprise wireless connectivity solutions including Access points, bridges, PoE Switches, Enterprise WLAN management platform etc.

Smart Cities and Digital India Programme come as the two most exquisite ongoing programs of the Indian government, aiming to build 100 smart cities in the country and providing last mile internet connectivity to citizens.

AXILSPOT plans to participate aggressively in offering consistent high speed wireless connectivity to different industry verticals in the country and will unveil its entire range of WLAN solutions in India in early 2017. The company, post its arrival in 2017 will also focus on partnering with numerous IT channel associations in India to bolster the country's Digital Infrastructure and offer last mile reach to enterprise consumers.

Leveraging a highly proficient and dedicated in house workforce, AXILSPOT has just the right capability to cater to high volume as well as highly customized IT infrastructure requirements. The company will also zero in on bidding for various other government projects in the country, with its cutting edge end to end connectivity solutions, tailored for utmost customer satisfaction as well as diverse client demands.

The company's vast product portfolio of end to end wireless gear comprises of:
· DORADO- Featuring Multiservice In wall series and Integrated Antenna Ceiling Series. Both the series offer a host of In-wall Access Points and Integrated Antenna Ceiling Access Points.

· DOLPHIN- Featuring Smart Antenna Ceiling Series, comprising of multiple smart Antenna Ceiling Access Points.

· SEAL- Featuring Outdoor Bridge Series and Outdoor Access Point Series with Point to Point Wireless Bridge and Wave 2 Access Point.

· MOBULA- Featuring App Management Platform, Windows Management Platform and Enterprise WLAN Management Platform.

· Switches- PoE Switches of 5, 8 and 16 ports respectively.

About Axilspot:

AXILSPOT is a new force to reckon in the global Enterprise WLAN industry with the core intellectual property rights. AXILSPOT delivers Global Quality Products with superior innovative solutions to the most critical issues we are facing today in wireless networks: how to create affordable reliability and how to overcome dramatically increasing connected needs all over the world. AXILSPOT is dedicated to provide the most consistent and highest-speed wireless coverage and transmission solution(s) – anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

AXILSPOT is dedicated to provide the most consistent and highest-speed wireless coverage and transmission solutions. Their solutions are widely applied in SMEs, Large Corporate Enterprise, Government, Education, Hospitality, Transportation, Manufacture, Financial, Health etc. To know more please visit:

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