Zion goes STEADY and STRONG with Silver Coin Quality Challenge for its Memory Modules

Zion RAM, one of the fastest growing and preferred memory brands in India, runs successful with its unique Quality challenge where customers can win a silver coin for every faulty Zion memory module. With successful completion of 2 years and also return ratio of less than 1% Zion makes its mark being No. 1 in India for its Quality in Memory Modules.

Under the Zion Quality Challenge Zion urges the customers and distributors to opt for Genuine memory modules, as they ultimately save money in the long run. Against any faulty module, ZION shall offer a silver coin for every module that comes under warranty, along with instant replacement. This ensures extra profit to the channel when any module comes for warranty.
Commenting on the successful run, Mr. Vipul Modi, Marketing Head - Zion RAM says, “Since our inception, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality memory modules to our customers. What better way to market it than take up the challenge ourselves? We are glad to same some of our customers, have been waiting for their Silver Coin for years” 

The objective behind this innovative program is to inculcate among the partners & customers about the high quality standards of Zion memory modules. Zion already boats of having the finest post-sales and RMA policy for Zion products in the marketplace and the Silver Coin Quality Challenge adds feather to the winning cap.

With Paperless Warranty and Silver Coin Quality Challenge Zion ensures that customers don’t have to run from pillar to post!

About Zion RAM:
Headquartered in Mumbai, Zion RAM has become one of the most preferred memory brand in India among the Indian PC Manufacturers which includes HCL, Wipro, Zenith, HP, LG, Sony etc. Having gained, deep understanding of the Memory Technology over the years, the company strives to understand the consumer needs with an eye on the latest technology and a no-compromise attitude on the quality and reliability.

Built in with a robust product portfolio of more than 36 distinguished products amalgamated into a range of 6 product categories, the brand has demonstrated quick and strong expansion since its Inception. With 16 years of experience and the longest serving brand in memory modules the brand stands strong in the Industry on the pillars of Quality, Lifetime warranty and Zero failure.

The company has spread its trustworthy tentacles across India through its wide network comprising of 1000+ distributors, 4000+ plus resellers and system integrators through 22 branch offices, which also coexist as the strongest pillars that strengthen Zion RAM ‘s perch as a player.

ZION RAM is the single stop brand for all requirements of memory modules required in the market.

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